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Individual pieces below:

- “MOMA Instrument” Commissioned by NASA for Mars Mission


- “Bambee” Toothbrush

Team project; I rendered, animated, and edited the video. And designed the product concept in collaboration with Irene Kuo.

MICA/Johns Hopkins MAMBA Design Leadership Program 2017; Cradle2Cradle Product Design Submission


- “FAWN” Microfilm, 2015 Mar; Work In Progress.
FAWN Render Image

fawn walking animation test
Walking Animation Test

- “The Matchbox” 3D Animation. 2014 Dec.
Learn More About The Matchbox : Process Blog

- “Paragon” 3D Abstract Animation. 2015 Feb.

- “DISH” commercial: (April 2014) Moving Picture Company; Took part in animation tests

- Abstract Space

- “Sunny and Steve”: (April 2014) Moving Picture Company; Additional Character Animation in the credits.

- Trans Orbital Express Title Sequence

Project based on my original narrative about Transportation system between Earth and Moon.

- Untamed Spirit – Abstract FX Animation


- Architectural Motion Concept (May 2014) For Alice Karam Cruz

- Concept Race Car Model/ In Cinema 4D

CG Concept Racing Car 3D CG Concept Racing Car 3D - Various Views


- “Merman”; 2015 June Work In Progress.

Merman WIP

Merman WIP

- Concept Sculpt “Sea Monkey” using ZBrush and Cinema 4D

Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey Sculpt


Work In Progress

I am creating a mechanical deer to experiment with the relationship between mechanic and organic decay.

- Modeling of a “Fawn” (Work In Progress)

Fawn Modelling CG VFX

A Fawn : Modeling